Project Safeguard Officer

Somali Urban Investment Project (SUIPP)


SUIPP Social and EnvironmentalSafeguards Officer (SS)

Terms of Reference TOR 

1.     Project Background


The Somali Urban Investment Planning Project (SUIPP) will support feasibility, assessment and preliminary design studies for urban investment activities, which could be funded from a Multi Partner Fund (MPF), in the municipality of Hargeisa.

The SUIPP comprises a “project to prepare a project”. The main project – to be prepared by SUIPP -, called the Somali Urban Development Project (SUDP), has an estimated budget envelope of US$86.11m intended for support by the MPF. Pursuant to relevant Bank Operating Procedures, which specifically allow for such situations, and given that the project has an environmental safeguard categorization of B, the activities to be supported under the SUDP will include both detailed project design and implementation. The activities to be undertaken under the SUDP in Somaliland constitute the enhancement of solid and liquid waste management and water supply in Hargeisa, the extension and institutionalization of the Local Development Fund, and institutional strengthening activities focused on the Hargeisa Municipality and the Hargeisa Water Agency.

Preliminary preparation, which includes feasibility studies and preliminary design for the main infrastructure activities under the SUDP, as well as a number of potential urban infrastructure investments on the Somaliland territories, and a range of institutional assessments, will be undertaken under the SUIPP – i.e. the project which forms the subject of Project Implementation Manual - also to be supported by the MPF. Some of the output of the technical work undertaken under the SUIPP will provide the basis for the preparation of the SUDP, while the scope of TA should also be applicable to urban development projects in a variety of different funding contexts. It should be noted that final design work itself – e.g. detailed engineering design, social and environmental impact assessments, exploratory drilling and preparation of bidding documents – will not be undertaken as part of the SUIPP. They will be undertaken as part of the SUDP or other projects under different financing arrangements and funding to cover these costs will be included in the project documentation and proposals relating to that operation.

Overall, the SUIPP will support two basic types of activity: 

a.    Feasibility and preliminary design studies for the physical investments that will be supported by the SUDP and other urban development projects, and institutional assessments of the agencies that will execute these investments to provide an informational and analytic base for the preparation of institutional strengthening activities that will be supported by the SUDP. In order to facilitate the quick execution of these activities, they will be executed by the Bank pursuant to OP 10 (para 12);

b.     Provision of technical assistance to enhance the capacity of the Somali executing agencies to prepare and implement urban development projects, such as the SUDP, effectively and efficiently and to mitigate fiduciary and safeguards risk. These activities will be client executed. The SUIPP activities briefly described in “b” will implemented by Hargeisa Municipality (HM).

In order to establish sufficient capacity to prepare and then implement the SUDP, technical assistance for the BRA will need to be recruited under SUIPP comprising a full-time project coordinator, full-time procurement Officer , full-time financial management Officer , a full time social and environmental Officer, and a part-time monitoring and evaluation Officer . Operating and minor equipment costs related to the recruitment and employment of these positions will also be incurred. In addition, some training and capacity building for these individuals and other staff associated with preparation and execution of the SUIPP and SUDP will be required.


2.     Objective of the Assignment 

As part of the SUDP preparation, the safeguard Officer  will provide assistance and support so that the various safeguard instruments generated by the Project meet all applicable requirements of the Bank’s  and FGS safeguard policies.

The social and environmental safeguard Officer’s Responsibilities included:

a.                  Assist the PCU as needed with the safeguard aspects of the preparation of SUDP activities in Mogadishu and prepare the initial screening checklist for safeguard policies;

b.                 Advise BRA on World Bank safeguard policy requirements, preliminary EA category and which safeguard policies are likely to be triggered by a specific subproject;

c.                  Advise BRA on the appropriate type and scope (extent) of safeguard instruments to be prepared for a particular sub-project.  Examples of the different types of safeguard instruments include Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Management Plan, Environmental (and Social) Management Framework, Social Impact Assessment, Indigenous Peoples Plan, Indigenous Peoples (Planning) Framework, Resettlement Action Plan and Resettlement Policy Framework;

d.                 Provide advice, guidance, example documents and inputs for draft TOR and for the preparation of the required safeguard instrument(s), such as EIA, RAP, or other;

e.                 Facilitate the timely review of, and comment on, all draft environmental and social reports prepared by external consultants as needed upon request from IAs;

f.                   Manage the safeguard review and assessment work plan of the SUDP preparation/management team to ensure timely review, approval and implementation of sub-projects. Summaries of the safeguards reviews and findings will be provided to the Project Coordinator;

g.                  Assist the Project Coordinator to expedite  and monitor the compliance of Safeguards requirements of both Federal Government of Somalia and WB during the SUDP preparation and implementation

h.                 Undertake site inspections and local travel as required by BRA in Mogadishu.

3.    Period of Performance


The SUIPP Project is expected to begin 1st of June 2016 and close 30 of April 2017. The SS contract will be for approximately 10 months on a full time basis. Follow on implementation of SUDP is planned and the SS contract is eligible for possible extension.


4.    Qualifications

a.       Advanced degree preferably in Environment, Social Science, Engineering, or related field,

b.      15 years’ experience in national and international project development and implementation. Experience in Somalia is required together with dealing with Safeguard aspects in significant project development work on municipal services, transport and investment in infrastructure services,

c.       Proven ability to advise and support project safeguard assessment and preparation, contractual and financial elements of development project delivery, and experience of all stages of investment program identification, specific technical sector program design and documentation, and implementation experience,

d.      Ability to develop and maintain effective interaction with high level government officials, project management offices and implementing agency officers, and international and national consultants,

e.      Good knowledge and working experience of the full range of World Bank Group's operational products and Safeguards procedures, Somaliland legal and safeguards systems, and Operational Procedures; 

f.       Excellent interpersonal, writing, and communication skills, ability to work in English and Somali is essential.

Consultants will be selected in accordance with the individual consultant selection method set out in the Consultant Guidelines, (January 2011, Revised July 2014 edition).

Expressions of interest/applications and attachments: a CV, three job referees and scanned copies of testimonials must be delivered to the address below by e-mail to   by 1600 hours on Thursday 26th May, 2016.

Please note that these positions are urgent, thus, the selected candidates must be ready to start work within two weeks.


Mr. Abdirahman Mohamoud Aided
Hargeisa Mayor,





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