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Republic of Somaliland Hargeisa Municipality Somali Urban Investment Preparation Project Project #: P150374


Republic of Somaliland

Hargeisa Municipality

Somali Urban Investment Preparation Project

Project #: P150374

Terms of Reference    

Hazardous/Medical Waste Collectors Trainer


A.        Background:


The Somali Urban Investment Preparation Project (SUIPP) Project Number P150374 Is Project to Prepare project that is support feasibility, assessment and preliminary design studies for urban investment activities, which could be funded from a Multi Partner Fund (MPF), in the municipality of Hargeisa. Apart from preparation of the project, this project intends to build the capacity of Hargeisa Municipality in order to be able in managing the upcoming SUDP project.  


The SUIPP comprises a “project to prepare a project”. The main project – to be prepared by SUIPP -, called the Somali Urban Development Project (SUDP), intended for support by the MPF. Pursuant to relevant Bank Operating Procedures, which specifically allow for such situations, and given that the project has an environmental safeguard categorization of B, the activities to be supported under the SUDP will include both detailed project design and implementation. The activities to be undertaken under the SUDP in Somaliland constitute the enhancement of solid and liquid waste management and water supply in Hargeisa, the extension and institutionalization of the Local Development Fund, and institutional strengthening activities focused on the Hargeisa Municipality and the Hargeisa Water Agency.


Preliminary preparation, which includes feasibility studies and preliminary design for the main infrastructure activities under the SUDP, as well as a number of potential urban infrastructure investments on the Somaliland territories, and a range of institutional assessments, will be undertaken under the SUIPP – i.e. the project which forms the subject of Project Implementation Manual - also to be supported by the MPF. Some of the output of the technical work undertaken under the SUIPP will provide the basis for the preparation of the SUDP, while the scope of TA should also be applicable to urban development projects in a variety of different funding contexts. It should be noted that final design work itself – e.g. detailed engineering design, social and environmental impact assessments, exploratory drilling and preparation of bidding documents – will not be undertaken as part of the SUIPP. They will be undertaken as part of the SUDP or other projects under different financing arrangements and funding to cover these costs will be included in the project documentation and proposals relating to that operation.


Overall, the SUIPP will support two basic types of activity:


  1. Feasibility and preliminary design studies for the physical investments that will be supported by the SUDP and other urban development projects, and institutional assessments of the agencies that will execute these investments to provide an informational and analytic base for the preparation of institutional strengthening activities that will be supported by the SUDP. In order to facilitate the quick execution of these activities, they will be executed by the Bank pursuant to OP 10 (para 12);


  1. Provision of technical assistance to enhance the capacity of the Somali executing agencies to prepare and implement urban development projects, such as the SUDP, effectively and efficiently and to mitigate fiduciary and safeguards risk. These activities will be client executed. The SUIPP activities briefly described in “b” will implemented by Hargeisa Municipality (HM).


The service to improve the waste collection and management and to enhance the skills and knowledge of Hargeisa Municipality staff dealing with the collection of hazardous waste as well as providing protective gears to wear during waste collection is part of the SUIPP planned activities More than 100 employees of Hargeisa Municipality employees work on the collection of hazardous waste without training, knowledge and protective gears. Thus, A Trainer will be hired to provide trainings for 3 patches of Hargeisa Waste collection team   


B.        Objectives of Assignment:


The main objective of this assignment is to provide training about the individual protection on the hazardous waste collection for Municipality of Hargeisa staff who deals with daily collection of waste and street cleaners.


C.        Scope of Services:


The core assignment of the trainer is to develop awareness and sensitization training material on the process of waste collection and deliver the 3 consecutive trainings for the Municipality waste collectors.   


The Trainer will deliver a training waste collection for 3 patches of Hargeisa Municipality Hazardous/medical waste collectors to be able on:


a)     Using protective Gears during the collection of hazardous/medical waste and General during street cleanings

b)     Sensitize the dangerous of dealing with street cleaning and collection of hazardous/medical waste collection

c)     Train them on the importance of hygiene and sanitation   


D.        Outputs and Performance Criteria


The Trainer will be responsible for the following reports:


  • Detailed Training Plan, program and contents
  • Trainers pre-evaluation and post-evaluation on the the knowledge of the trainees
  • Training progress and process report   


E.        Required Qualifications


The Trainer is expected to have relevant skills and qualifications for the position, with particular focus on the following:


  • University first degree with major in a relevant discipline (e.g. Hygiene and Sanitation, Waste management e.t.c) or relevant diplomas
  • A post graduate degree will be an added advantage;
  • Prior Work Experience as trainer: At least 4 years on similar work experience.
  • At least previous experience on providing training to illiterate participants
  • Good at team building skills
  • Effective verbal and listening communications skills in both English and Somali
  • Computer skills including the ability to spreadsheet and word-processing programs at a Highly proficient level
  • Time management skills


F.                     Duration and conditions of service


·        Duration


The Duration of this assignment is 10 working days.   


·        Remuneration


The fee for this consultancy will be on daily based. The rate for the position will be paid in accordance with the projectsbudget.


G.                   Application Processes and Deadline


·        All interested candidate for this positions will send 1) Cover Letter 2) updated CVs and 3) 30 days’ action plan for delivering roles and functions outlined in this TOR

·        Cover Letter & CVs in 1 PDF file and 30 days’ action plan in Second PDF file 

·        The two files will be send to this email: and copy to - with the subjectTrainer – Hazardous Waste

·        Application deadline is June 25, 2017 before 05:00 pm in the afternoon.

·        Due to urgency of this consultancy work, the expected Trainer is expected to start early April.



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